Solutions for Startup Businesses

Your business is at its most critical stage. You need to be careful with your cash and youíre incredibly busy. But you need to find time to identify, evaluate, buy and install professional IT systems to help you communicate with your colleagues and customers, manage your data, and design and publish a website that drives business to you.

Picture showing how Nuage can help startups

Nuage can take ownership of your IT infrastructure needs and get you up and running with professional, affordable IT from day one. And because itís scalable, you can easily add more users and services as you grow.

With Nuage you can:

  • Work remotely via the web, and on the move via mobile and PDA
  • Present a truly corporate image from day one - vital to reassure your customers
  • Work from various locations but stay connected and able to collaborate

With Nuage there are:

  • No expensive purchases
  • No hardware, networks, or cabling required; all you need is the laptop or PC you are already using

Work flexibly, make use of your existing assets, with Nuage.