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Our mission is to provide you with the best IT solution that meets your needs.

We identify and offer what we believe to be the best products and services on the market. As a result, we do specialise in offering and maintaining Cloud IT solutions especially for start-up's, sole traders, home workers, and SME's; this is because a Cloud IT model can have substantial benefits, including reducing operational cost, increasing flexibility, increasing security of data and backup, business continuity, to name just a few.

However we understand that many businesses have legacy hardware and software. And for operational reasons, some customers are happier keeping some of their software applications on-premise than in the Cloud. Hence the options could be totally Cloud based, a hybrid of on-premise and Cloud, or totally on-premise.

So it can be but it's not always as simple as just "moving everything over to the Cloud".

1. The first thing we do is to understand what your business needs are and are likely to be in the future.

2. We identify the key drivers for you and their priority - whether it's flexible working, cost savings, backups, business continuity or whatever.

3. We present our view on what options are suitable for you with their associated costs.

4. Based upon what you want to do, we will plan a migration and implementation path for you and provide you with as much assistance as you need; this needn't be a big scary exercise. Many migrations are very straightforward.

5. We provide on going telephone and remote support for the products we provide you with. If you want to extend your support to cover all of your IT, we're happy to do that too. Either on a per hour or a per day model, a bank of hours model, or a mothly retainer.

So why pay over the odds?

Why spend time away from your business managing your IT when you no longer need to?

Investigate more by choosing from the options on the left hand menu or if you're not sure whether this is right for you, please contact us - we'll be happy to discuss in more detail.

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