Hosted Desktops

Imagine a scenario where your “PC” exists on a remote server, and you can log into it from anywhere, anytime, using any laptop or PC; all you need is a internet connection and a browser.

Picture showing how Nuage hosted desktops works

Nuage’s Hosted Desktop is precisely that. The experience is the same as using a local PC or laptop. Print locally, install software; you can even synchronise your iPod - the only difference is that the data and operating systems are hosted remotely.

For companies which have already invested in internal IT infrastructure, and have data and application software servers in-house, why not consider the thin client option instead?

Thin clients are the 21st century equivalents of the mainframe / dumb terminal configurations, only a lot more advanced. Thin clients are basically stripped down PC’s, because they don’t need to store data and most or all of the data processing takes place on the server; which makes them a lot cheaper and less power hungry.

For increased flexibility, lower costs, and better use of resources. IT on Demand from Nuage.

Click here to read our whitepaper about hosted desktop infrastructure.

Click here for a comparison between using a Hosted desktop and Google Apps.

Hosted Desktops - £49

Per user per month

  • Windows XP environment
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • 5GB Storage
  • Fully customisable
  • 24x7 UK support

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