Online Storage

Manage, share and backup your data seamlessly and automatically with Nuage's Online Storage file server. You and your colleagues can access your company data from anywhere; via the web interface whenever you have access to the internet; offline via your local copy when you donít. And most importantly, you never lose control of your data.

Picture of Nuage File Server solution

Nuage's Online Storage file server gives you your own secure data and file repository, without the hassle and cost of managing it in-house. Pay only for what you need and seamlessly add more users and storage space as you grow; thereís no limit to the number of users or the amount of space you can add. Automatic synchronisation when you are connected to the internet between the online storage and your local copies of data. Automatic backup of the data to the Online Storage file server for added assurance.

Click here for details on sharepoint, one of the alternative file management solutions that we offer.

How Does It Work?

  • You are not tied to a central location to receive these services.
  • Upload information to your Online Storage file server, and keep local copies of some or all of the information on your PC or laptop if you wish.
  • Data is automatically synchronised between local and online copies.
  • Access it as you would any other folder or file on your laptop or PC.
  • Control who is allowed to access the folder and the sub-folder and files.
  • Easily revert back to a previous version.
  • Continue working with your local copy when you are not connected to the internet.
  • Access your data using the web interface if you donít have access to your own laptop or PC.
  • We can help you migrate from your existing system.

Online Storage file server

Ask us for options

  • 100GB storage personal user
  • 50GB storage business users (min 2) with workspace, collaboration, user access control
  • Add additional business users
  • Familiar look and feel
  • Store all types of document and data formats online
  • Online and offline for flexible working
  • Manage access controls and security
  • Automatic version control of documents
  • Dynamic and fast synchronisation
  • Automatic managed backup
  • Web access available
  • 24x7 UK Support
  • Optional set-up £25 once only charge.