Cloud IT Overview

Cloud IT services are hosted remotely and you access those services through a network, usually the internet.

Just about anyone who uses IT should consider Cloud as all or part of their strategy.

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Benefits of using the Cloud include:

  • Flexible working – work in different locations
  • Flexible commercials – monthly rolling contracts
  • Security of data – automatic offsite backups
  • Reliability – the hosting company looks after the services
  • Spend less on on-premise hardware (e.g. servers)
  • Spend more time on the business and less time managing IT

Some services work online only, others have online and offline modes which synchronise automatically when you are connected to the internet. If you tell us what you need for your business, we can advise you on the suitable products and services and help you get set up.

Who is it for?

Home workers; sole traders; start-ups and SME’s; those who work in different locations; those seeking to get better value IT and reduce the management burden; or for specific needs such as data backup, or CRM.